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Adoption Application  Do you want to adopt a pet?  Fill out our application online! It's required.

Self Help for your adopted dog  There are many was you can help your rescued dog overcome common problems like Jumping Up, Barking or House Training. Here are some tips & some recommended reading links.

Online Donations  Lake Haven can now accept credit card and PayPal donations from our website. Spread the word!

Need Help with your Pet?  There are many organizations willing to help those who are having trouble affording their pets. This link takes you to The Human Society's page that provides a list of organizations both nationally and by state.

Check Out Our Newsletters  We send out a yearly newsletter in November. Our newsletter website contains all of our past newsletters. You might enjoy checking out our adoptions from the past and the "humor" sections.

Check Out Our Videos  We are so grateful for our volunteers who create videos about Lake Haven Rescue. We think that are just wonderful and we're sure you will enjoy them.

Lake Haven Documentary  The Grand Valley State University students have completed the mini documentary film about Lake Haven Rescue. They did a wonderful job capturing the essence of Lake Haven.

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Visiting Lake Haven Rescue:  An application must be completed before coming to our facilities to visit with any pet.  Most of our adoptable pets are in foster homes so an application must be submitted and reviewed before a visit to a foster's home will be arranged.

Please keep in mind that we are a rescue that operates 100% by our volunteers. Based on our work load applications can sometimes take up to 14 days to process and we usually get multiple applications for each pet. All applicants will recieve an email regarding their application once it's processed.

Adoption Fees: click here to find out more about our adoption fees. All animals fully Vetted and altered.
 Cats and kittens:
   Adult cats - $75 to $150
   All kittens - $150
   Barn cats - $50

Dogs: Adults and puppies: -
$200 to $650

Note: Final price determined at time of adoption.
Everything we know about our pets  can be viewed by clicking on any picture below. Please do not call unless it is an emergency.  

I've Adopted!  So Now What?

What's in the food you feed your dog. The Dog Food Advisor has facts that may surprise you.

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Online Adoption Application  Ready to adopt a pet now?  Fill out our application online!

Printable Adoption Application  Want to submit an application later in person?  Download our printable application!

Adoption Fees  Learn about our fees and the medical services included in those fees.

Special Announcement
"Lake Haven Loves Coonhounds"

Do something to help!

If you have visited us often you might have noticed that we love coonhounds. This was not always the case until a few came our way and we started working with them. We now know that:

(1) They are sweet, sensitive companions similar to many of the other popular hunting breeds like retrievers and pointers. Coonhounds are guaranteed to make you laugh with their silly personalities and sense of humor.

(2) They are an American original. Born, bred and developed in the USA!

(3) Most are not aggressive seekers of attention so a gentle hand on their backs or a stroke to their soft ears quickly leads to melting contentment.

(4) Grooming doesn’t get much easier! A quick swipe over their short, slick coats, nail trim and ear clean will put the polish to a hound.

(5) Most hounds over two years old have a great on/off switch. Full of energy and ready to rock when a job is at hand, then content to laze on the porch or dog bed for hours when it's quiet time.

(6) Coonhounds rarely “borrow trouble”. While they are far from innocent if an opportunity presents itself, they won’t invent or create problems.

(7) Bred and selected to be workers, they have few congenital issues or problems that show up in dogs bred for a particular “look”.

(8) Kid-friendly and dog-friendly! Many hounds were bred to hunt in packs, so they have great social skills for the dog park or in your home.

(9) Soulful brown eyes to drown in and long silky ears to adore.

(10) Stripes and speckles, spots and solids, reds, blues, tan, black, white, colors galore!


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Lake Haven is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue shelter dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless and/or injured dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in the West Michigan area.  Lake Haven is a recognized 510(c)3 organization that is 100% volunteer operated.