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In The News

About This E-Newsletter And Website Additions

Lake Haven sends out one electronic newsletter each year to keep our subscribers informed as to what we are up to. As noted above this newsletter is completely self subscribing in that you can stop receiving it by simply clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the top and bottom of this newsletter. Of course we hope you will forward this email to others and ask them to click on the "Subscribe" link. Also, if your email software has any problems displaying this newsletter you can view a copy of it on our website.

We have also been busy with our website. We encourage you to check out the videos we added to our website that were created from DVDs we sent out the last two years. They will tug on your heart and tickle your funny-bone.

Lastly, we have added an electronic donation capability to our website to make it easier for those who wish to help our cause to save as many animals as possible. Check it out at http://www.lakehavenrescue.org/donations.htm.

We receive a lot of positive email about our "Happy Tails" success stories and hope you enjoy those we included in this electronic version of our Newsletter. This year we've added a "Success Story of The Year" that we hope you will enjoy.


Spay/Neuter Program Continues

Another year has gone by and we have had some changes in our low-cost spay/neuter program for low income families. We are working with local clinics to provide this service to the public. A volunteer staffed phone line has been established to accept calls for help with spaying and neutering of animals in Newaygo County. The number is 231-652-1333, leave a message and a volunteer will return the call as soon as possible and answer your questions and book your surgery as soon as possible. We altered 644 animals in our first year of service and this year we have helped 604 animals. Every animal that is altered is a huge success story for us as we realize the importance of spaying and neutering to a no- kill nation. We must start here with our own community. And we have begun the process of doing our part. A huge thank you to our Veterinarian, Dr. Sam Ciatto of the Animal Wellness Center of White Cloud who performs the bulk of our surgery’s for this program. Thanks also to the many volunteers who make this important program possible.

Story by: Cheryl McCloud

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Older Pets Have Many Benefits

Puppies & kittens are usually the 1st to be adopted while many older pets are overlooked. We thought it would be appropriate to provide you with some good reasons to consider adopting an older pet.

  • Adopting a mature pet is less maintenance. You do not have to go through the demanding time-consuming stage of raising a baby.

  • Adopting a mature pet leaves little room for unpleasant surprises. You will have an accurate idea of the pet's temperament, full-grown size, coat, etc

  • Adult pets are more likely to have already been spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated.

  • Adult pets get into less mischief, and you do not need to "kitten/puppy-proof" your home.

  • Adult pets understand the concept of approval and reward and are eager to please their owners.

  • Many adult pets came from previous homes and are usually well versed at being a good pet and a good patient should it need medical attention.

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Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and loved ones, but it can be a stressful and dangerous time for your family pet. Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching here are some tips to help keep your pet safe. Don’t spoil the holiday season with an unnecessary medical emergency.

  • Hang breakables, tinsel, and other tempting decorations well out of paw’s reach. Tinsel, ribbon, and ornaments are especially dangerous to pets if chewed and swallowed.

  • Place holiday plants out of pet’s reach. Some seasonal plants can be poisonous, including mistletoe, holly berries, and poinsettias.

  • Watch out for electrical cords. Pets, especially puppies, often try to chew them and may get badly burned, shocked or electrocuted. Make sure your strands of lights, loose wires, and extension cords are out of reach.

  • Metal ornament hooks can get caught in curious mouths. Make sure ornaments are securely attached, and that no unused hooks are left around the house.

  • A Christmas tree should stand on a flat, wide base. Cats often see trees as excellent climbing posts, so be sure they are secure and not easily tipped over. Whether your tree is live or artificial, both kinds of needles are indigestible.

  • Cover your tree stand tightly with skirting. The water from the tree base can cause mouth sores, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

  • Refrain from using edible ornaments on your tree. They can pose an irresistible temptation for some pets.

  • Keep your pets away from holiday treats, especially chocolate. Theobomine and caffeine, active ingredients found in chocolate, are toxins and can be fatal to some animals.

  • Pets and candles just don’t mix. Keep Menorahs and scented candles out of reach.

  • If you plan to entertain, provide a "safe haven" to which your pets can retreat when they get overly excited and there is a possibility of escape.

  • If you are going away for the holidays: make sure pet enclosures are secure, your pets are wearing proper identification, and arrangements have been made for their care.

While your pet is safe in a loving home, remember those less fortunate. Millions of pets, nationwide, will be homeless this holiday season. Our shelter animals appreciate toys, treats, love and attention. So visit your local shelter and bring holiday cheer. Be a Life Saver- help our animals find homes for the holidays.

The Management & Volunteers at Lake Haven Rescue

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Thank You ..

Lake Haven would like to thank the many veterinary clinics that participate in our spay/neuter program. We all know how important it is to spay/neuter in order to prevent pet overpopulation and to keep our pets healthy. Visit our website for a detailed listing of these veterinary clinics.


Byron Center
   Byron Center Animal Hospital
   (616) 878-7387
   Southkent Veterinary Hospital
   (616) 878-3386
   Southkent Veterinary Hospital
   (616) 891-9070
   South Crossing Vet Center
   (616) 554-0400
   Family Friends Vet Hospital
   (616) 575-6520
   Cascade Animal Hospital
   (616) 949-0960
   Dorr Veterinary Clinic
   (269) 793-7387
   Fremont Animal Hospital
   (231) 924-4940
Grand Haven
   Grand Haven Animal Hospital
   (616) 846-6700
   Prelesnik Animal Hospital
   (616) 846-4673
Grand Rapids
   Plymouth Road Animal Clinic
   (616) 456-9212
   Red Barn Veterinary Clinic
   (616) 455-4850
   Safe Harbor Animal Hospital
   (616) 942-8148
   Schmitt's Animal Hospital
   (616) 791-2011
   Westwood Hills Animal Hospital
   (616) 453-8259
   Town & Country Animal Hospital
   (616) 754-4992
   Ottawa Animal Hospital
   (616) 399-2540
   East Holland Veterinary Clinic
   (616) 392-1835
Howard City
Howard City Animal Hospital*
(231) 937-4396
Georgetown Animal Hospital
(616) 669-3612
Jelsema Veterinary Clinic
(616) 662-6230
Chicago Drive Veterinary Clinic
(616) 669-0501
Jenison Animal Hospital
(616) 457-9200
(616) 455-8220
Animal Hospital of Lowell
(616) 897-8484
Thornapple Vet Medical Center
(269) 795-9817
Rockford Animal Hospital
(616) 866-9589 Shelby
Companion Animal Vet Service
(616) 231-861-4353
Sand Lake
Sand Lake Veterinary Services LLC
(616) 636-4100
Kelley’s Animal Clinic
(616) 453-7422
White Cloud
Animal Wellness Center of White Cloud
(231) 689-0630
Animal Medical Center of Wyoming
(616) 531-7387
Wyoming Animal Hospital
(616) 538-9700
Zeeland Veterinary Hospital
(616) 772-4930

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There are so many to thank, words can't explain our gratitude.

Every job here at Lake Haven is of equal importance. The fosters, volunteers, shelter staff, transports, and laundry and cleaning , bookkeeping, computer entry, website maintenance, newsletters and so much more are essential to Lake Haven's success. We thank each and every one of you for your part in helping homeless animals find their forever homes. We are like a football team, with each person important and dependant upon the other , and all working together towards the touchdown, the ADOPTION !!!

A special thank you goes out to the PetSmart in Grandville MI for allowing Lake Haven to showcase our animals in their adoption center. Lake Haven has been rated number two in the nation and number one in the state for animal placement via their Love-A-Pet program. Thank you PetSmart.

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Lake Haven's Wish List

This wish list of items would help us provide the best possible animal care while enabling us to do our jobs better and save money so that we can dedicate our resources directly to the pets who are relying on us:

  - Purina Dog Chow 
  - Purina Puppy Chow
  - Purina One Cat Food
  - Paper Towels
  - Gently Used Blankets
  - Gently Used Bath Towels
  - Cotton Balls
  - Puppy Pads
  - Wire Dog Kennels
  - Cat Beds
- Wire dog crates (all sizes)
- Wire Exercise Pens
- Pet Carriers (all sizes)
- 33 Gallon Garbage Bags
- Tall Kitchen Bags
- Hand Sanitizer (waterless)
- Bleach
- Liquid Laundry Soap
- Q-Tips
- Dish Detergent

Even the smallest items are greatly appreciated! They may be dropped off at: PetSmart, 4645 Canal Avenue SW, Grandville or at the shelter in Newaygo (231-652-7507).

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It seems like destiny!

As the year comes to an end, I want you to know that Kaiah (formerly Ramie), an American Eskimo dog, is the best thing that happened to me in 2010!  She loves her new home and has settled in quite nicely.  Attached is a picture of her and also one with my older Eskie.  Kaiah is an affectionate goof.  Her clumsy nature makes my husband and I smile.  She sometimes misjudges her jump onto the sofa - her favorite spot.  She has graduated from basic obedience and reliably sits and lies down on command and walks on a loose leash.  We take daily walks and occasionally visit the nearby off-leash dog park, where she can run and explore to her heart's content.  She's a smart girl who is so grateful to be in a safe, loving home.  Thank you for finding her for me; It seems like destiny!

Best wishes,
Gwen Wittenbaum

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We are blessed.

Sadie is adjusting well.  Her and Sophia (our daughter) became fast friends.  Sadie slept on our bed the 1st night and she has slept on the floor by our bed (in her bed) the past 2 nights.  She loves running around in our backyard.  We sat outside for a while yesterday afternoon and she took a nap in the sunshine.

I put a gate up at the top of our stairs to limit Sadie's space and introduce her to our house slowly.  She seems to be doing well in her new home so far.  We have taken her on walks and on a few car rides too.

We are blessed to now be able to call this wonderful girl a part of our family! Thanks for all of the work you did with Sadie!

Stephanie Coeling
, MI

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More then words can express!

I just wanted to thank you for choosing us to adopt Indy (formally April).  She is very sweet, lovable, and wonderful companion.  I cant’ say enough good things about her.  I absolutely adore her!  Indy and Dasher (our other beagle) love chasing each other around the backyard and they get along great.  Indy has even forged a bond with one of our cats, Al.  Al enjoys following Indy around and rubbing his face on her, then will plop down on his side to play with her.  Indy has such a wonderful personality and we love her more then words can express.

Thanks again,
Jennifer, Paul, Kaylan, Carissa

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A Wonderful Family Addition

We adopted  (Ace) and he has absolutely been a wonderful addition to our family.  Him and his sister Emma love to play together.  They get a little crazy at times, but nothing like some brotherly/sisterly love.  We have been taking the 2 of them down to the lake to swim and they have so much fun splashing around in the water.  He keeps a very close eye on his little sis to make sure she stays out of trouble and calls to her when she swims too far.  We think Chase has adjusted very well.  He loves to be pet and scratched.  He melts right into us when we are giving him some hugs and kisses.  Every night he sleeps right at the end of the bed always facing the door.  (To keep an eye on things I am sure)  And every morning when I wake up he snuggles right up to me for his morning ear scratching'.  We are so happy to have him in our lives!  Thank you so so much!  I don't know how anyone could have given him up, but I am glad they did so he could be with us where he belongs. 

Mike and Becky
Lowell, MI

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A Burst of Sunshine!

When my husband and I made the decision to adopt another dog we knew that our first destination was going to be Pet Smart on doggy adoption day. One of our cats had been from Lake Haven, so we knew what an excellent organization Lake Haven is. As soon as we laid eyes on this 8 week old, 8 pound ball of fur, we fell in love. Once I held her in my arms, I knew that I was never going to let go. I can't remember what her name was the day that we adopted her, but we named her Zoe. I had suffered the loss of my beloved dad just 6 months prior, and life was very bleak. Zoe changed all that. I still miss my father terribly, but Zoe has shown me that life can go on and that it can still be full of love and laughter. Neither my husband nor I can think of her or say her name without smiling. She has been a burst of sunshine in our lives, and I want to thank Lake Haven for taking such good care of her until she found her forever home with us.


Cathy Remer

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An Incredible Addition

Wanted to update you on our adopted cat Binks formerly Clem.  Our previous cat Cocoa has just passed 2 weeks prior to Binks arrival and though he can never replace her he is and incredible addition to our family.  He is comfortable with us now and has shown us his true personality and what a personality it is.  He is just fantastic and I couldn't imagine my house without him.  He makes me laugh everyday even when he insists that I get up at 4:30am every morning.  (We are hoping to change that soon)  He is getting along very well with my two Poms and is even showing interest in playing with them.  Just thought you would like to see another true success story.  I don't know who is happier, Binks or us.

Thank you,
The Westra Family

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How cute is that?

We are the family that adopted Tacia (one of Brindy's puppies) 3 weeks ago. She has been renamed Cuda because she has sharp teeth like the Barracuda we saw while snorkeling a week before she was adopted. She is very spoiled, has a lot of energy and we love her very much. She's coming along nicely on her potty training too. We just thought we'd send a little update on our new baby.

Many thanks for helping these wonderful animals!

Don and Pati Smith and Family

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Hi, it's me, Buster.

I am having fun at my new forever home. My Mommy and Daddy are taking good care of me, and Tyler my bestest boy buddy is getting used to me too. I pretty much sleep through the night and haven't made too many oopsees in the house yet. I want to eat all the time but they tell me I have to wait for meal time. Tell my Foster Mommy Jennifer that I am doing just fine and thank you for all that you did for me.

Luv, Buster

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Xena, This Puppy is a Survivor!

Miley aka Marty is the love of my life :) She is now 5 months and is about 30 lbs. She is very loving and quite spoiled but is very well behaved. We are settling into our new home quite nicely but she is not sure about the cold white stuff on the ground... but loves to play tag outside. Miley does have a little bit of a sensitive stomach and we are still working on that but we think we found a food that is to her stomachs liking. Mileys favorite things to do are playing with her uncle gunner who is a 1 year old Shi-tzu, tug-a-war, and cuddling up for a nap.  Potty training for Miley took awhile but she has it down now. I am very thankful to have her in my life and don’t know what I would do with out her. 

Mileys Owner,
Josie King

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Simon dries up her tears.

My family and I went into the Grandville PetSmart to look at all of the wonderful animals (we had no intention of adopting at the moment).  The first animal we saw was Simon. My daughter fawned over Simon like she could only see one animal in the whole store.  Simon loved being touched and petted. 

At that point, my sister and I decided it was time to interrupt my husband and brother in law at the movies.  I explained to my 4 year old that we had to abide by what Daddy said and be a big girl if he said no.  She was brave for about a 1/2 hour while Daddy and I were discussing it and then she tried her hardest not to cry but the tears were unmistakable.  When Daddy finally told her that we could be Simon's new family, she started sobbing, which lead to me and my sister sobbing like babies (I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it).

When we got Simon home, I knew that we had found the perfect cat for our daughters and our home.  Simon crawled out of his carrier at his leisure.  He let all of the children pet him and hug him and never once complained.  He found his litter box and food and has been making himself home ever since.  He is the most wonderful amazing cat.  He sleeps at night with my 4 year old and loves lounging around on her lap, bed, or his little kitty bed.  When she talks to him it actually looks like he is talking back when he meows.  Thank you so very much for allowing us to become Simon's forever family.  We can't imagine how lucky we became when we found him.

Joy M Cottrell

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Miley’s First Christmas

What a smart dog and pure blessing she has been!  Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to care for Miley.  She has unbelievable similarities to Kujo, our precious dog we lost only a few short months ago.  She has certainly helped make us feel whole again.

Kristin Stevens

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Our family is complete.

I just wanted to write and tell you all how happy my husband and I are that we adopted a dog from your shelter last year. She has been with us almost a year now and she has been wonderful. Her name is Lily although we call her lilypad. She is so gentle, loving, and protecting. She is doing great and she has gotten along great with her big brother Colt since the first day they met. She also loves everyone else and all other animals we meet too. Thank you so much for making it possible to have her in our lives. We thought our family was complete, but now that we have Lily, we know we truly are!

Lindsey Cronkright

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Buddy brings joy into their lives, then and now.

Thank you for all your hard work in saving these beautiful animals.  Earlier in the spring of 2008 we lost our very beloved dog Gordo to cancer and we were all truly heartbroken.  Time and again after that we saw so many precious pups and dogs we knew it wasn’t going to be long before we were ready to open our hearts to someone new.  And then, we came to you in June 2009 looking to meet “Marley” after we saw his squishy fuzzy blonde face online at petfinder.com.  A family of dog lovers it was love at first site for each of us.  We picked up “Marley” June 12th from a foster in Wyoming.  My son was elated.  And, my husband too! 

The first thing we did was rename him Buddy.  The first few nights he was home with us I’d thought we really just had a new baby.  I’d forgotten the work that went into such a little being.  But just a few nights in and he began to settle.  We realized very early that he had a spectacular and spunky personality.  He spent the summer learning all the things that little lab pups need to learn; where to go potty, where not to go potty, what to chew on, what not too, and so on.  He spent a few weeks traveling with us.  He’s an excellent traveler. Buddy recently turned 1 and continues to have a fabulous and fun personality.  He brings many smiles and has brought much joy into our lives.  Not to mention he is the most handsome pup around. 

Thank you so very much! 
Marie and Victor Barker

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A joy and a great playmate.

I thought you might like an update on Founder, formerly known as Sadie.  I came to visit at Petsmart after having lost one of our golden retrievers to cancer.  Sadie was there to view and I knew she would adapt well to our home.  She has been a joy to have around and has been a great playmate for our other golden.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of her!

Pam Gary 

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Sweet Maggie, she brings joy to the entire family.

Here is a picture of our family with Maggie. She is doing very well and has brought so much joy to our family. She goes for walks with us, loves to run next to my daughter and I when we roller blade, she has gone on a couple kayak rides with my husband and I and we try and take her along with us where ever we go, (the car seems to put her to sleep). Already we can not imagine our home without her. Her skin is so much better and the hair is growing back.

We want to thank you so much for all the love and care you gave her.
And not only her but for all the other dogs too.

God Bless!!!
Paul, Lynn, Devin & Lauren Streur

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We are so grateful to have him.

I found Levi, now Brody, on Petfinder.com and I just fell in love with him. When I had found out that his adoption was through Lake Haven, I was ecstatic, as I had gotten a cat for my brother though Lake Haven a few years before! I was so excited that I wasn’t willing to wait to get him, and my Husband and I just flew all the way to Grandville to fetch him home.

Now Brody is 8 months old and doing fantastic. He likes to play with his catnip toys, chase his laser pointer, and play in the water (seriously, he loves to hop into the shower and play). But most of all, he loves to cuddle with his mommy and daddy. Brody is a very social, laid back cat. Everyone that meets him just loves him, even the cat-hating type.

We are so grateful to have him that I tell my husband nearly everyday how lucky we are to have found him! Now in one week we will be bring home another cat, we can't wait for Brody to meet his new brother.  Over all, we love him and he loves us back. Brody has changed our lives and the way that we love each other. Thank you for doing what you do and getting the perfect pets to they're rightful homes!

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She compliments our other dog.

We adopted Shenzi (formerly Serina) from the Petsmart in Grandville where I work.  She's such a great little dog.  She has so much energy and compliments our jack russell mix perfectly.  They're both little lovey cuddlers.  Potty training is going well and we're working on chewing.  We've lost more than a few socks to both of them.  We're so grateful to her foster family for taking amazing care of the newest addition to our family.  We still have one of the chew toys they gave us.

Tomiko and Kyle

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A wonderful addtion!

We came to PetSmart March 20 hoping to adopt a new friend. We have always had at least one cat and often two. After the death of our 16 year old orange tiger named Husky we decided it was time to get a new cat. We found Davina. She is a real beauty. We changed her name to Jojo. After a week of adjustments we are settling in and we have fallen in love with our new girl. She is very loving and sweet. She has made a wonderful addition to our household. We are so happy with her we have decided to adopt a second cat and hope to do so very soon.

Thank you so much for being there to take good care of her before we were able to meet her.

Terry and Sandy Falstrom

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The "ForeverHome" for Rocco.

Rocco, formerly LeRoy, was adopted this summer from Lake Haven.  He was very sick when we brought him home as he was recovering from Heart Worm treatment.  The treatment was very difficult for him to recover from.  But, we are proud to say that, Rocco, has recovered beautifully.  He has gained some weight, his coat is thick and shiny, and he even has enough energy for the occasional puppy crazy in the back yard.  He is loving the winter and playing in the snow with our children.  He loves to spend lazy days curled up on the couch as the kids play around him.  He is truly a wonderful dog with the perfect temperament for our family and young children.  We couldn’t have asked for a better match and cannot thank the staff at Lake Haven enough for making us his forever family.

The Tremblay Family

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She's one of the kids.

In July 2009, we were asked by Lake Haven to foster a rescued dachshund. I was a little hesitant, having NO experience with the breed, and having the misconception/generalization that they were "nippy" but agreed to give her a try.  I proceeded to research the breed and Oh My Goodness! A couple weeks later, I became a foster failure. My kids named her Princess Chocolate Isabel, we call her Izzie. This adorable, friendly girl instantly became one of the kids. She is perfect with my 7 & 5 year-old children. Same energy level. They play and play and play. Izzie is such a clown. She even plays by herself at times. She climbs the stairs and drops her ball. Then she runs down fetches it, runs up the stairs again, drops it, etc. Too funny! When it's time for bed, she loves to snuggle with my kids. Belly rubs are her favorite. Thank you Lake Haven for bringing her into our lives.

Sue, Libby & Conner

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All is well, even when it's not.

Joe and I were in to Petsmart today with our new kitten, Selma (aka Pixie).  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to tell us her story and answer all the questions we had about handling her and adapting her to my old cat, Gus.  We tried the treat by the door trick and it worked!  Pixie pushed the door open, and while there were some tense times including some hissing and growling.   After a little chasing, the two went into the bedroom.  It was really quiet for a moment and she came bolting out.  After that it seemed like they'd established dominance, and have gotten along great since.  I was really concerned about a month long process, but I credit her quiet and loving demeanor to much of it.  While we expect there to be some tough times, we wanted you to know she's doing well.  Thank you for all you do!  I'm so glad we picked Lake Haven!! We look forward to sharing many pictures and stories about our kitten family with you.

Megan Sanderson

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Goldie, our success story of the year. 

Goldie shortly after her rescue.

Goldie’s BIO:
A very frightened golden Cocker Spaniel. The vet estimates her to be between 7-8 years old. She was rescued from Montcalm County Animal Shelter who found her abandoned on the streets. She was discarded by a puppy mill after she could no longer produce puppies. A Lake Haven supporting vet had to remove her reproductive organs that were severely damaged by several poorly performed cesarean operations (heavy build up of scar tissue). She's VERY timid and does not have normal dog behaviors. 

Goldie's Rehabilitation;
Goldie stayed with a foster family for three weeks before her formal rehabilitation started. During this time she began to learn what life outside of a crate was like. A Lake Haven volunteer with military K9 handler experience then took her to begin an intense daily rehabilitation process. The following describes the highlights of each week of that process.

Week One;
I have put her crate next to my bed with her water & food bowl close by. She will only come out to eat if I leave the area. She takes food from the bowl and heads back onto her crate to eat it. I feed her each evening between 4:30 and 5:30. Goldie wants to be in her crate. If anything is the house begins to frighten her she heads for the crate. I have to coax her to come out of the crate to get her for a walk. She is frightened of almost everything during our walks but she enjoys the company of my two cats. On her 1st walk she immediately ducked behind a bush outside my door and started shaking.  I have been taking her on 30 minute walks with a short leash. Keeping her on my left side and giving her plenty of encouragement allows her to begin to trust me. Walking is the best way to get a dog to trust.

Week Two;
A dog this timid will need calm assertive attention with a lot of patience. She needs to gain trust and learn to overcome her fears one at a time, little by little. We will use treats and praise during the rehabilitation. She is very frightened with most things outside. She still does not want to go outside at this point. This is undoubtedly influenced by the fact that she was abandoned on the streets after a life of making puppies in a puppy-mill.  She is particularly frightened of parked or moving vehicles. 

Week Three;
When Goldie sees me getting my coat on she runs to my bedroom and jumps on the bed. I come in and put the leash on her and give her a gently tug, she comes quietly. She is much more comfortable with her walks now and it’s clear that this is helping her develop trust. I have introduced my friend’s small 6 month old dog into my home each Tuesday to help with Goldie’s rehabilitation. Goldie becomes a bit more outgoing by following the lead of the other dog.

Week Four;
If I have to leave the house for a few hours I leave Goldie out with my cats. She may have a bathroom accident but not very often. She now gets excited to see my when I return. I’ve been taking Goldie with me to visit friends. She gets frighten coming up to my car so I have to pick her up and put her on the front seat. She shakes a bit but after I start driving she lays down. I want to gently expose her to different situation so she learns that nothing bad happens.

Week Five;
Goldie has started to bark if someone comes to the door. I’ve encouraged this ‘dog behavior’ and give her praise for doing this. It only takes a gentle NO command for her to stop barking. Goldie will now jump up into the car and will jump out at my destination. Goldie’s ears were a bit infected but they have been responding well to treatment.

Week Six;
After Goldie goes pee 1st thing in the morning she runs run back to my bedroom, jumps on the bed and wants to play. She is definitely comfortable in her surrounding now. She will now lay beside me on the couch but jumps down the moment I make any movement. However, she will immediately lie down beside me if I lay on the floor to watch TV. She is more comfortable when I’m down at her level.

Week Seven;
Goldie ears are normal now so she only needs preventative treatments now. I took Goldie to the groomers today. Once I got her home she actually appeared to be happier. Her behavior has come a long way.

Week Eight;
I've been bringing my friends dog 'Dash' over more often to help with the rehabilitation. Goldie is very happy to see him and is learning to be more like a dog in the process. They follow each other around all day long. They nap together and chew on their rawhide side by side.  Dash has been very helpful a part of the rehabilitation process.

Week Nine;
Goldie has settled in to a more normal eating practice. She knows when it time to eat and gets excited as I get her bowl ready. She now eats at her bowl. She takes a few bits come to see where I am, goes back to her bowl, eats a few more bits, comes to see where I am, etc. etc..  She is almost house trained, only a couple of accidents this week.

Week Ten, Adoption Day Coming;
Goldie meets her new owners soon. She is so much more like a dog should be. She is calm and loving in her home surroundings and is ready to steal the hearts of her new “mom & dad” as she has ours here at Lake Haven Rescue. I’m happy to have had the experience of working with Goldie. I'll miss her.


Goldie at a Petsmart adoption day.

Goldie at home with her new dad.

Goldie’s Happy New Home

Dear Lake Haven,

Goldie is doing great!  She has become playful and now walks behind Richard to go outside and do her duty.  We have almost no accidents in the house.  When she stays alone we just leave her have to run of the house and she just lays on her couch till we get back, but is usually close to the back door when we come in, obviously she hears us coming.  She sleeps on the bed with us and is happy with that. 

She has become very playful and will chase a ball.  Also, she will snatch things.  In the yard is I leave my gloves on the grass she will run off with them one at a time. She deals with her grooming just fine.  She gets frisky in the mornings and evenings and will run through the house when we play with her.  She jumps and has all her feet off the floor at the same time.  We have never seen a dog do that before.

We love Goldie,
Lois and Richard

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